No, your course is housed online and can be accessed from your computer, laptop, phone or any device you choose. With that said, if you choose to purchase the course audio enhancement option, you can access it online, or for an even better experience, you can download the mobile app to your phone. It is up to you and no downloads are required, only optional.

It depends, and there are important exceptions to keep in mind. Some live events are required because students need to satisfy a coach training requirement such as a peer coaching session or an interactive activity. Required events are always clearly stated as Required within the course and the schedule is posted at the start of the course. It is very important to attend the required live events because the recordings of the required events may not be made available.

Optional live events, such as Q&A sessions and live webinars, are clearly stated as Optional and the recordings are typically available a few days after the live event.

A Course usually covers an individual subject and can be taken independent of other courses.

A Training Program is comprised of a number of courses designed to ensure the student acquires knowledge, competences, and skills relevant to a profession or occupation. 

Yes, students who succesfully complete an individual course will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion for the course.

Students need to succesfully complete all of the courses in the Training Program to be eligible for a Certificate of Completion for the Training Program. 

Absolutely. We know how important it is to receive a digital Certificate of Completion for the training programs you complete to post on sites like LinkedIn, your website, resume. etc. Most businesses today require verifiable proof of an individual's training program completion. Our Certificate Center allows you to share the link to your digital certificate which can be easily posted and verified.

A digital Certificate of Completion is most appropriate for training programs, and all of the Coaching Business Center training programs include a digital certificate upon successful completion.

In addition, some individual courses, such courses to satisfy Continuing Education requirements, are also eligible for a digital Certificate of Completion. Eligible individual courses are clearly marked on the course information page.

Studiies clearly indicate that courses without time limitations are generally never completed. To help ensure students complete the course and benefit from what they learn, we limit the time the course is available. Courses purchased on an individual basis generally include options for periods of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months. Don't worry, there is a backup plan. If the student does not complete the course within the original time, they can purchase an extension to extend access to the course.

Training programs are offered in a series for a specified period of time usually with each course taken in a particular sequence. We use the cohort model so students benefit from moving through the courses while building strong relationships with their peers. Certainly, there is flexibility whenever possible. The goal is for students to complete all of the courses in the training program within a specified period of time, quite often so they can sit for the exam for a certification program. All of the time limitations and course access information is included on the training program information page.

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